McCord Web Services Recommended Hosting Providers

We do not contract with clients to provide web hosting ourselves, rather we have partnered with three web hosts to provide a wide range of web hosting services for our clients. Read about services provided by Network Solutions. Read about services provided by Hostway. Read about services provided by Yahoo.

Web Hosting With Hostway

Hostway is a U.S. Chicago based web hosting giant that works globally. We like the ease of use, pricing, and Urchin website statistics that Hostway provides.

Please visit our co-branded pricing page for more information, hosting plan information, and to order services.

Our own website is hosted with Hostway. We are very familiar with Hostway's product. Although not one of the cheapest in the industry Hostway does provide some features and benefits that keep it as a top choice for our clients. Our typical client will pay about $21.95 per month for hosting and have access to PHP on their server.

  1. Superior Urchin Statistics. Many hosts offer AW Stats as an alternative. The depth of information that Urchin provides may be one of the very best reasons to host with Hostway. Urchin is similar to Google Analytics, but superior to it in detailed information and additional features.

  2. Ease of use. I find that the Hostway control panel is intuitive and easy to use. Hostway offers a free script library, blog tool, and podcast creation tool just to name a few items.

  3. Top level technical support does know their stuff. They have been generous in their time to help me to resolve database connection problems and overall helpful in nature and tone. But sometimes it has taken an inordinate amount of time to get this level of assistance.

  4. Tech Support does really know what to do and will solve problems or guide you even on non-server related issues. Email support is best and will respond in about 24 hours. If you have a very complicated website with a large database or a tremendous amount of traffic, we do not recommend Hostway for your use at this time as they are having some technical issues on some of their new enterprise level servers.

Please visit our co-branded pricing page for more information, hosting plan information, and to order services.


Web Hosting With Network Solutions

Network Solutions is a U.S. based web hosting agent best know for domain registration. In the past several years they have expanded their offerings and now provide a very nice variety of hosting packages at excellent prices. Our typical client will pay about $13.95 per month for hosting and have access to PHP or ASP on their server.

Our spin-off web design website is hosted at Network Solutions. We like the telephone support service that is provided with hosted accounts. I have rarely waited on hold for over five minutes to ask a technical question or get assistance. The support staff is friendly and knowledgeable. I feel that Network Solutions offers a great value for the price. In fact, I like their offerings better than hosting products at GoDaddy or at Yahoo.

Even though I like the web hosting product at Network Solutions, the web hosting control panel is not intuitive to use and even I had difficulties in setting up my email accounts and FTP access. Customer support was very easy to access and able to assist me quickly and efficiently even after hours.

  1. Network Solutions uses AW Stats and so it is best to install Google Analytics as your statistics package when using them as your web host.

  2. Terrific Customer Support. I found the wait time significantly less than that at Hostway and quicker than GoDaddy, plus the call was toll free versus GoDaddy being a paid call on my nickel.

  3. They do offer a very easy to configure contact form script and mini-generator to help you set up the script for processing which is very helpful.

  4. Make sure to follow the information on the number of password characters, case, and use of numbers. I had trouble in this area and so it is important to make things work properly to follow the guidelines to the T. The passwords are even case sensitive and set up of them is much more restricted than Hostway's. I am sure this is to provide a greater level of security, but just one of the differences that can potentially cause problems from user error.

Web Hosting With GoDaddy

GoDaddy is a U.S. based company that has a great product at a value price. Prices for hosting range from $4.49 a month to $17.99 a month (prices higher if you pay month to month). GoDaddy's real strength is their customer service, which is excellent and very reachable. Personally I find that GoDaddy is the perfect place for a blog when there is no parent website or where you need your blog to be hosted off-site due to technological issues. They have an auto-WordPress installer that does a fine job with set up. Although their control panel is very confusing and not intuitive at all, tech support is available to assist you by calling long distance. Calls to support are not toll-free.

  1. Very simple to use when it comes to setting up WordPress.

  2. Excellent customer support by phone.

  3. Ability to set up multiple sites under one hosting package in their deluxe package. Set up is easy once tech support talks you through the first time.

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GoDaddy is also my preferred resource for purchasing domain names. Here their domain control panel is simple to use and their prices the best on the Web.

Web Hosting With Yahoo

Yahoo is a U.S. based search engine that has gotten into web hosting in the past several years. Our typical client will pay about $11.95 per month for hosting and have access to PHP on their server.

Yahoo! Web Hosting - Save 35% on your first 3-months of hosting service

Many of our client's e-commerce stores are hosted on Yahoo. For clients who will be self-managing their store and need a fast e-commerce web presence Yahoo is an excellent choice. There are many custom e-commerce store designers who will set up a Yahoo Store for you.

As Yahoo does not even offer AW Stats, you will want to for sure implement Google Analytics to track your website traffic when using Yahoo as your web host. Yahoo Hosting does have contact form capability, but the information on how to set it up is buried and takes a bit of digging to find and implement.

  1. Very simple to use when it comes to e-commerce stores that are self managed.

  2. Good online documentation of features and how to enable them.

  3. I have never found a phone number to call and ask a question of on standard hosting and so I consider the lack of phone support a possible problem.