WordPress Security Monitoring

Do you need professional eyes on your WordPress installation to help to keep it secure? Are you not sure what should be done to keep your application updated?

For security you need to keep WordPress and all associated plugins up to date. Hack attacks for even HTML-based websites with a blog can start in on your blogsite and spread to your front-end HTML website. Once hacked, Google and Bing will mark that your site contains malware in their index; squelching your traffic, sales, and giving your business a black eye in the process.

Don't kill your own web presence by not taking care of WordPress security and potentially compromising the safety and security of your site visitors.

With our services, we work hard to proactively monitor traffic, firewall your WordPress application and monitor who accesses your files*.

Monthly WordPress Review – $50 per month

For our monthly WordPress review we perform the following services on a monthly basis. Additionally, you will pay $150 each year for your WordFence Premium key subscription and a $50 on boarding fee.

  1. We use the WordFence Premium security plugins with a yearly subscription fee and a unique key for your domain that allows for a greater level of monitoring and enhanced features that are effective at working to block hackers and spamvertisers. You will receive all WordFence Premium communications; we do not monitor the messages.
  2. Monthly review of WordPress site security.
  3. Manually export xml and my SQL files of your blog/website setting and posts and keep an archive.
  4. Empty spam comments in your WordPress control panel.
  5. Login to your site monthly and update your plugins and the WordPress application when needed.
  6. Review daily if WordFence has scanned your site on a Monday through Friday schedule.

Clients will be responsible for comment review and approval in WordPress. Please note that our services do not cover hack remediation or repairs. You may incur additional fees if a problem is found by WordFence or WordFence stops working due to a compatibility problem and needs reinstallation.

*All WordFence site communications are sent to you. We do not monitor those communications. If you have questions on the communication sent, we do bill our hourly webmaster rate of $85 to respond to questions or concerns. If you choose to not read those messages, when we run our monthly review we will address any items the application has sent.

We do charge a $50 onetime on boarding fee for startup to cover the time to install our security, monitoring, and backup plugins.

Why WordFence Premium versus the Free Version?

Although the WordFence free plugin offers some nice features, it uses definitions that are already 30 days old to try to protect your site. The premium version offers greater security with real time definitions that keep your application up-to-date. It also does proactive site scans, has real time definitions for the firewall, provides real time threat defense, checks to see if the site IP is generating spam, checks to see if the site is spamvertized, allows for password audits, and contains an integrated spam filter. The real time threat defense and definitions are the real difference providing security from the latest security audits of millions of WordPress sites and why we feel that WordFence offers the best security coverage for our clients.

Ready to Get Started?

To discuss your personal blogmaster service needs, please use our Contact Form and we will call you to review your site and your needs. Some blogsites will not be able to use our services and for some we may require that your own webmaster update your WordPress application to the current published version of WordPress before our services can start.