and Hávar Sigurjónsson

Although this is off my usual topic, I want to recommend a tour service and individual to you today. Hávar Sigurjónsson owner of was my tour guide recently on a 17 day trip to Iceland.

Iceland is a wonderful place to visit and full of interesting sites, waterfalls, history, and glaciers. Our tour guide Hávar Sigurjónsson provided and in-depth tour with engaging conversation and a deep understanding of the history, culture, and folklore of Iceland.

Have a trip your way. Our small group tour of Iceland consisted of travelers age 25 up to 70. Hávar had activities for everyone. For the younger sporter set, he took tourists on additional tours by bike or hiking after we arrived at the hotel. For others, like myself, we relaxed at the first class hotels after a full day and then met the full group at dinner. There were activities for all ages and interests.

My husband and I highly recommend Hávar Sigurjónsson owner of to you for consideration when you decide to book your own tour of Iceland. Our trip was a comprehensive tour and a once in a lifetime experience.