Should You Be Owned by Google or Microsoft?

My Outlook Calendar
My Outlook Calendar

Oh how I love all things digital. I love having a smartphone to connect on the go. I love collaborating with my assistant using Microsoft’s OneDrive, I love to share things with my writers in Google Drive, I love Outlook, and I love the Google Calendar. But at some point in time you have to decide who will “own” you.

My conundrum is that I love Windows 10’s Cortana. I want to use her as my personal assistant more and more, but she does not interface with my Outlook email application. Cortana adds any appointments I ask her to make to my online OneDrive calendar and not my Outlook desktop calendar.

Google’s online calendar on the other hand, does not connect readily or easily with Outlook. Oh sure, you can let Google get its hooks into your entire business process with Google Apps and get syncing into Outlook, or you can buy Companion Link which acts as a bridge between your Google Calendar and Outlook. Which is what I did, but now I am having an increased problem with duplicate appointments appearing now in both calendars when I sync.

Oh how I want to streamline things, yet stay uber connected – my way and without all the privacy issues connecting to Google brings. I want the best of Google and the best of Microsoft all rolled into one super connected platform that connects with my desktop, Android tablet, and Android phone as well as my laptop all together (but just my calendar for now).

For the next 30 days I will try to calendar all my appointments solely in Google and then the next month solely in OneDrive. I’ll let you know how it goes the good bad and the ugly. So today, my test starts! Welcome to the world of Google!


How to Set Up a My Client Center in adCenter

If you are using Google AdWords for multiple accounts you are most likely using a Google AdWords My Client Center better known as a MCC. A MCC allows you to link and unlink many client accounts so that you can easily work on and navigate between many accounts with one login. Microsoft adCenter has this same set up but it is called Agency Management.

Here’s how to set up an adCenter account to be like a MCC to easily manage multiple accounts.

  1. First your own account which I will call the agency account must have been created after November 2009. Mine was created in 2005 so I had to create a new one. Any client accounts that are older will have to be re-created in order to link them. This is not a big deal as you can do this all with adCenter desktop.
  2. Go into your first client account and click the “Accounts & Billing” tab, then click the sub tab “Agency Management”.  Then in the body click the button “Invite Agency”. Enter in the customer number your agency has given you and an email address of one of the agency owners. The agency will find this customer number on their “Account & Billing” tab and it typically starts with a C.
  3. The agency will then receive an invitation to connect via email. Make sure that you respond by clicking the link. On doing so this new client will now appear in your agency account and you can see it when you click the “Agency Management” tab.
  4. Now here’s the tricky part that is not really covered clearly in the help instructions. You cannot see that account in your agency drop down menu until you do several things. First in your agency adCenter account go to the “Account & Billing” tab again. This time click the “Users” tab and set up a new name and email address as a user. You will not be able to use the same ID as that of the agency account.  Enter in all the personal information for the user. On that same screen but on the far left is a box called “Account Roles”, here instead of clicking “Super User” you should click the radio button next to “Client Admin” you will then see your new client account name and you will tick the box next to the client name to connect your new agency user with the client.
  5. The new agency user that you have set up will receive an email and a request to create a online access account with a password. This login is different from the Agency login. From this new agency user account, you will now see a list of clients and can easily click one to manage it.
  6. If you have multiple accounts, once you have finished managing one, just search in the top Right search box for the next client name to return to your master client account list to visit the next account.

The key to set up is to have really two accounts the agency account and then the agency user account. If you don’t create the user account and then tie it to the client you can’t see your client account at all. Hope this helps you get started.

Now, if you are looking for a savvy adCenter certified account manager, make sure to check out our services page for details and pricing.


Microsoft adCenter Customer Support Gets My Thumbs Up

Cathy H. at Microsoft adCenter gets a big thank you from me this last week for her help in resolving a problem. I want to say that in my experience adCenter has one of the most knowledgeable and tenacious when it comes to working with you to resolve a problem. I give them a big thumbs up!

Any client can call the adCenter 1-800 number to get help. Telephone support is not predicated on how much you spend as it is at Google AdWords. With Microsoft adCenter you can actually talk to a real person immediately. Not only will they work to help you then, but will call you back, allow you to speak to them personally on a second call (versus having to go into a phone tree and start all over with a new rep.), but they are smart and courteous on top of that.

Here is their contact information so if you have a need you can call too:

United States:
Telephone: (800) 518-5689 6:00am-18:00 pm PST seven days a week

If you are considering trying out adCenter for your pay per click advertising I recommend them to you. (I am not being paid for this blog post, just have had a great experience and wanted to share it with you.)


No One Likes to Hear No, But We Aren’t a Good Match for Everyone

That’s right we do actually turn prospects away. We are simply not a good match for every prospect’s needs. What we do do, we do great. That being said in a nutshell, we have a passion for small to medium sized business owners who typically have a brick and mortar operation. We are typically also working with the business owner directly and not a corporate chain of command.

It bear repeating, but we do not work or provide any of our services for these business sectors:

Adult Content

Any site that has adult themes such as dating sites, soft core pornography, images of partially clothed women that are used to sell your products, lingerie, any sexual aids or products, we just do not provide services for regardless of whether it is blogging or even Google AdWords.

Stock Brokers, Day Traders, Forex Traders and Their Management Software

In this case we have simply found that the nature of your business is so complicated that the time it takes us to learn and be effective for you is just not cost effective for us. In many cases you are additionally governed by regulations making even blog writing a difficult operation.

E-Books and Products Sold by Squeeze Pages in Multi-Level Marketing Programs

We typically do not supply services for products that are e-books or online how to guides. Although you can still be successful with these approaches, we simply do not have a passion for working with products that are typically sold using these vehicles. This would cover e-books on how to make money in real estate, sell or trade stocks or use the forex, or how to sell multi-level marketing products.

No one likes to hear no, but it is by far better for you to find a supplier that has a true passion for what you do and what you sell. We can help many businesses, but just not all.


Microsoft adExcellence Does Away With Recertification Test

Nancy McCord is an adExcellence Member.I’m scooping even Microsoft on this one. Microsoft adExcellence Members will no longer need to annually retake the certification test. Take the test once and you’re in.

I know this because for the past two days I have been trying to retake the test to renew my annual certification and cannot. Nolan at the Microsoft adExcellence membership center has told me that Microsoft will be changing their FAQ page in the training site and will be sending out a letter to all adExcellence Members on this topic.

AdExcellence joins the Yahoo Sponsors ed Search Marketing Ambassador program in not forcing professionals to retake their test. Google AdWords requires their Google Qualified Advertising Professionals to retake the exam every two years.


PPC Strategy 101

If you need extra push for your business, then you should seriously be looking at Google AdWords first. Yahoo is a good second choice to consider, but for most people, you really don’t need to consider MSN at this time.

MSN has lost so much traction in the world of pay per click, that I have to say I just don’t think that investing in the set up and management of a program there warrants the expense. There is a very narrow market there and the return on investment is simply not happening.

It used to be that for the majority of accounts you would receive nearly half of your AdWords conversions on Yahoo and then again about another half of what you got on Yahoo on MSN, but now the figures are even more dismal. Here is just one very pointed example for one high tech client:

Google AdWords: 4725 clicks, 209,254 impressions 2.26% CTR

Yahoo: 1536 clicks 87,136 impressions 1.76% CTR

MSN: 69 clicks 1,970 impressions 3.50%CTR

This program is just showing on search and search partners, no clicks are coming from content. Clearly MSN simply does not have the technical search traffic for industrial and high tech customers that Google and Yahoo do.

If you are selling entertainment products, beauty products MSN may still be a solution for your needs but if your PPC program is for technical and business don’t waste your time with MSN at this point.