Google TV Ads

Click our post title and you can read this article about Google moving into TV. Well I for one am filing this under “not going to happen”. Remember click to call, Google Radio? Well there was a big ballyhoo about click to call when it was first announced. Then only a few people got into the beta.

We had one client in the click to call and it was a miserable failure. We were paying $1.50 for text ad clicks. To show our ads in click to call we had to escalate our CPC to over $10 and that is where our clicks when we got them came in. We had so few clicks and so few impressions, that we turned off the program.

Remember Google Radio, that one is still in a state of flux. Lots of talk, much posturing, and no action. And now we have talk of Google TV. Well, don’t hold your breath on that one either I say.