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Wow, I have a client who has Google Audio ads enabled in their account, and I have just reviewed the interface. If you ever wanted to try radio advertising, now is the time! First click the link in our post title to sign up with Google to have the audio ad tab turned on in your Google AdWords account.

I am impressed with the features, ease of use, audio marketplace, and surprised at how little it actually costs to advertise on the radio.

I think that this will not only be good for radio, but really good for advertisers that are looking to move their message onto radio.

There is one caveat, you can do your own set up, but my impression was if you have the money to have a specialized consultant help you make the right radio station and pricing choices within the Google control panel, you may have better results. I have been working with a client Ken Kohl who is just that, a radio expert. I know that the first client that I have who wants Google Audio ads, I will send to Ken.

This is a new ad format that I think will revolutionize Google and marketing on the Web. Print, web, digital, and television are all converging into one new mass marketplace!


One thought on “Google Audio Ads Sign Up”

  1. Affordable it is not.

    I spoke with a Google Audio Ads rep for my company and went through a two hour presentation. At the end I found out that the four week “test” would cost 12K to 20K minimum. That’s 3 to 5 thousand a week!

    I am very familiar with radio advertising as I have worked with several Clearchannel stations across the country and the most expensive radio campaign I have ever been presented with fell under 5K for a four week run and that schedule included afternoon drive time.

    Real radio is much more affordable.

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