My Contact Form: Online Form Processing Made Simple

We’ve run into this problem occasionally – where a client’s web host does not have a cgi-bin installed, the host does not supply preferred scripts for contact form processing, or the scripts that we have in our library will not work. No longer does a site owner have to live with just an email link as a contact option on their website now there’s My Contact Form.

My Contact Form is an online script processing service that allows any website on any server, using any platform to easily and seamlessly integrate code into their web pages and use My Contact Form’s server to process a contact form script. No longer will you need to pay $150 to $250 to a programmer to try to troubleshoot your server settings to get a contact form to process.

We have now used My Contact Form on three client websites and have found the service to be cost effective, easy to use, easy to implement, and very reliable. We recommend the unbranded premium version with no advertising links or pop-up. There is a free version available, but why irritate readers when the premium level is so cheap? For $24.99 per year, $14.99 per year if we set it up for you if we are your webmaster or web designer, and you are up and running. My Contact Form allows you to have an unlimited number of forms and with the upgraded version that we use for our clients and up to 5,000 forms submitted per month per account. Plus you can start with their templates or use their online wizard to design free form contact forms.

The final form that you create generates its own HTML code which even the inexperienced user can install in the code of any web page using FrontPage or other HTML editor. Experienced users, such as myself, can easily restyle the appearance of the form and form elements for a totally custom look. When we integrate the form into your website, they appear totally seamless. We have our client forms set up to email an auto-responder confirmation record to the person who has completed the form and then email the completed form using the processing script to the account owner.

You’ll never lose a prospect’s information again with My Contact Form, as the premium level, which we recommend, also stores a copy of all form submissions online within your account. You’ll be assured that you’ll receive all your contacts and that one does not end up in your bulk folder unknown to you with their online form filing system.