Google – Will It Lens? Sure!

Man, these Google Engineers have way too much time on their hands! If you want a chuckle for today, click in to read the full post on the Google blog.

At lunch Googlers are going out on the deck to see what they can burn up, cook, and destroy with a huge lens. Hey not all of them are guys, but this is clearly a “guy thing”. You can see that they have burned up pennies, cooked popcorn, smoked a soda can, and just what else these techies have had fun messing up.

I’m sure we’ve all fooled around when we were kids with ants and magnifying glasses, but Google needs to do everything big. Their lens is four foot by three foot Fresnel lens. So if you need something light to start you day off with, check out what Googlers are frying up today on their break!