Twitterati and Twitter-Pros Looking for Your Comments

I am doing a review for my e-newsletter this month on using Twitter for business and marketing. I will be Twittering a lot this month as I check out applications and what works best.

If you have a Twitter application you swear by, a Twitter technique you use for business, or simply want to share your Twitter tips, leave me a comment below. If you leave your name and website, I’ll even quote you and link to your site in my May e-newsletter giving you credit.

For me, I really like Twitter, but only as a fab tool which I have cross linked to all my social media networks. I push out my blog on Twitter, feed by Twitter status update to Facebook, and review Twitter once or Twice a day. I even program Twitter posts. I get asked all the time to Twitter for clients, but won’t. The beauty of Twitter is that micro blogs are written by you not by a Ghost Twit.

I have predicted before, but will do again. I think Google will buy Twitter this year. It is hot and ripe for them to try to use as an ad vehicle for AdWords.

So to all you Twitterati (those who know how to use Twitter and love it) or Twitter-Pros if you prefer that name, let me know what you like and what you use and I’ll check it out and write about you and the application.