Are You a Quitter on Twitter?

Okay are you? Let’s be honest, a lot of people use Twitter like they use a blog, set up an account and then tweet the first few days and then stop. They just can’t seem to make sense of the application and so drop out becoming a Twitter Quitter.

Well I am here to say that you can make sense of Twitter by using TweetDeck. In fact I don’t recommend any other way to do Twitter now. Don’t waste your time trying to do Tweets from or waste time reading your Twitter page using a browser, it is too much content in one spot.

Although it would be great if TweetDeck instituted some security and completed the security certificates on the application to encourage more people to feel comfortable installing it, I swear by it. I too could not make sense of the volume of information on Twitter until I started to create groups within TweetDeck. Now I see the real power of Twitter and have totally increased my use of the application and am having way more fun using it.

In fact, I am in the process of writing a new white paper on demystifying Twitter for business owners and TweetDeck was the first thing I installed as part of my own research. I even use TweetDeck to update my Facebook profile at the same time. (@LinkedIn – you need to get with the program, you are falling out of the popularity mix on social networking.)

I’ve been watching Ashton Kutcher this last week on Twitter gaining 200,000 new followers in a matter of days to a total of about 1 million. In fact Ashton Kutcher has been so hot using Twitter on the Web that he even has Oprah doing Tweets as of Friday the 17th. Her first tweets were lame, so she totally needs to get with the program, but as with all Twitter newbies, you’ll get the hang of it if you watch and try it all out.

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