Have You Seen Dubli.com?

If you like to bid on online items, you may really be interested in this new website called www.Dubli.com. This new site is a reverse auction site.

Reverse auction means instead of multiple bidders bidding up a price, when you bid you are bidding down a price. That’s an interesting model isn’t it? In fact this is how it works. You search on Dubli for items you are interested in buying. You buy credits online at $.80 a pop. To see the current price of an item you are interested in, you click view price and Dubli takes one of your $.80 credits away to view the price. For each person that views the price the price of the product drops by $.25. If you like what you see, you can choose to buy the item at the Dubli bidded down price or you can choose to wait and see if the price will go lower.

For hot property items, the price on Dubli can drop rapidly and you can snatch up a bargain, if you are watching. This is a winning combination for online auction buying in Europe and is just now appearing in the United States.

Check out www.Dubli.com yourself and see what you think!