How Do You Get Images Next to Your AdWords Ads?

Clients have asked me several times how competitors are getting images in their Google AdWords ads, here’s how.

First, to have images show you must set up an account and created a structured data feed in the Google Merchant Center. The data feed will contain product information, a description, pricing, links to images, and location on your website. Once loaded you can link your Google Merchant account with your Google AdWords account using Product Extensions.

If you want to try Product Extensions check out this article on how to do that that even contains a link to set up your own Google Merchant account.

Product Extensions are just one of the extensions that Google now makes it easy to use in Google AdWords. Recently added was location extensions and phone extensions for click to call. What is new is that now you can even set up a tab in your AdWords control panel to get quick information about activity on your special extensions.

If you want to enable the new tab to view interaction with these new extensions in your Google AdWords account check out this blog post from AdWords.

I think using extensions is an excellent way to expand the reach and relevancy of your Google AdWords program. Make sure you have enabled these things in your own account for better performance.