Nancy McCord Proves Mastery of Google AdWords!

Yesterday Nancy McCord proved again her mastery of Google AdWords by passing the new Google AdWords Certification Fundamentals Exam with a score of 97%. This shows that she doesn’t just have understanding of the Google AdWords system, but mastery!

Nancy has successfully taken the Google AdWords exam for certification now four times over a period of eight years. This new exam is just one of two she will take to migrate her Google AdWords Qualified Individual certification into the new Google AdWords Certification and Google AdWords Partner program.

Upon passing the second exam, Nancy will not only achieve the new status of Google AdWords Certification, but will be able to certify her entire business as a Google AdWords Certified Partner.

If you are looking for an expert on Google AdWords, look no further. You want someone to set up and manage your account who is not only qualified, but shows mastery, that person is Nancy McCord.


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