Interesting Tidbits on Enhanced CPC Bidding in AdWords

What a Great Idea!

Here are some very interesting tidbits gleaned from a recent Google AdWords sponsored seminar I attended that you may not be aware of in regards to Enhanced CPC bidding.

  1. When you have Enhanced Bidding enabled Google may raise your bid up to 30% more in any one auction.
  2. If account performance is strong nearly 75% of all auctions will be modified.
  3. Initially when Enhanced Bidding is turned on only 50% of the auctions will be modified to prevent negative account impact.
  4. Using Enhanced Bidding can increase conversions by 27%.
  5. Enhanced Bidding can decrease the cost per acquisition (CPA) by 7.6%.

You should have 10 conversions recorded in your AdWords account in a 30 day period before enabling Enhanced Bidding to get the best automated results.

If your campaign is budget limited, you will not receive the best possible benefits from your use of Enhanced Bidding.

We routinely use Enhanced Bidding in our client accounts and do find that the use does improve the number of leads and does lower the cost per conversion, however not as pronounced as using the Conversion Optimizer.