Great Tips on Using AdSense

I use AdSense to monetize certain sections of my website to make additional money off my traffic. Here are a few of my tips that can help you with AdSense too.

  1. Don’t exclude your own business areas.¬†Advertisers will pay¬† more to advertise on your website if they are selling the same or similar services that you are. That being said, be careful where you monetize so you don’t bleed off your own potential customers.
  2. Be judicious about the number of ad panels and where you put them. Don’t over do it.
  3. Build AdSense ad spaces into your new design. Don’t paste them in as an after thought.
  4. Be realistic about how much money you can earn with AdSense ads. Try to cover your hosting expenses for the year and you’ll be doing great.
  5. Don’t use AdSense everywhere in your website. Choose high traffic areas that typically are not conversion sections in your website. For me this means we show AdSense ads on our blog and in our how-to article sections. These are high traffic sites, but are not typically high conversion sections of our website. You won’t find ads on key pages of our website that are important to our own business, just what I consider adjunct pages.