Make Sure You Are Fully Integrated With Google+

I’ve recently read a great article found at SiteProNews on Google+ website integration and wanted to point it out to you as it really has some great tips on how to fully integrate your site with Google+.

Here are the tips in a nutshell, but please make sure to read the full article as it is chock full of excellent easy to do tips.

  1. Make sure to add a great headshot of yourself to your Google+ profile. It will be shown in search results. Use an image 250 pixels wide by 250 pixels tall.
  2. Turn on the ability for others to see your +1’s in your Google+ profile. (Read the article for the easy steps.) You can only do this on your personal page not a business page.
  3. Cross link your Google+ profile and website. This is a crucial step and make sure to read the article carefully about the re=”author” attribute as this is what gives you the Google+ juice that you want and need for SEO.
  4. Consider using a head tag link reference to your personal Google+ page.

The big kicker is that it is really hard to juice up your Google+ Business page. Google+ is really set up to link and cross link to your personal profile. Business pages are really an after thought at this point which hopefully will change as Google+ realizes its full organic placement and SEO potential.