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Thinking of Google Ads? Act Now

McCord Web Services is a Google Partner and a Certified Google Ads Professional
McCord Web Services is a Google Partner and a Certified Google Ads Professional

My firm manages over $3 million dollars in Google Ads ad spend. Google Ads management is a core business for us.

If you have been considering hiring us to optimize, manage or set up your Google Ads account, now is the time to act. We will be making a price structure change in the next week and we will honor our current pricing while it is posted on our website.

We will be moving to a flat rate fee for low spend accounts and a percentage of ad spend for higher volume accounts. Our existing clients will be grandfathered in to our old management fee program.

This is a great opportunity to come back to check out our services if you have been a previous client or have been thinking about hiring an account manager but have just not moved forward.

We look forward to working with you and your needs in Google Ads.


Smart Shopping Campaigns

Google Ads Management Fees- How Low Can You Go
McCord Web Services is a Google Partner.

Smart Shopping Campaigns in Google Ads are like regular Shopping Campaigns but with a twist.

  1. Uses Google Ads advanced AI tools to target and bid.
  2.  Increases conversions.
  3.  Is totally automated.
  4.  Shows ads on more properties.
  5.  Optimizes for performance.

I have tried regular Shopping Campaigns against Smart Shopping Campaigns and here are the results for real clients.

RV industry accessory sales – 56% decrease in cost per click.

Industrial equipment – 34% decrease in cost per conversion.

I have found that it will typically take about 30 days to have enough data to weigh is Smart Shopping Campaigns are right for you, but so far I am seeing an increase in conversions at a lower overall cost.

Smart Shopping Campaigns will show your shopping ads on YouTube, Gmail, and in the Google Search results and on Search Partners. Your reach is expanded and your ads are dynamically created and more attractive.