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Twitter Expands Tweets to 280 Characters

Twitter is now a better value for clients.
Twitter is now a better value for clients.

Finally, Twitter expands tweet length from 140 to 280 characters – just this last week! And HootSuite finally allowed our writers to start using the longer word count.

We do a nice job with writing for Twitter for our clients, but 140 characters simply did not make the cost valuable to enough clients. Now with new expanded tweet length up from 140 to 280 characters, Twitter is looking very attractive for many businesses.

I have always like Twitter. I like the medium, interaction and ability to get a businesses customer service reps attention fast. Plus there’s simply no better way to know what is happening then to ask on Twitter. Donald Trump has made Twitter popular with business owners although I never recommend tweeting in the same fashion that he does.

We’ve been waiting for our Pro HootSuite version to allow us to write at the longer character count and just this week, we were able to make the shift.

With a longer tweet, look for the use of more images in profiles that typically did not work to create an nice looking interactive page.

If you need help with Twitter writing, now’s the time to take a look at our services just for Twitter.



Whopping Big Email Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

Don't Make Any of These Whopping Big Email Mistakes
Don’t Make Any of These Whopping Big Email Mistakes

Email mistakes, we all make them, but whopping big mistakes shouldn’t be made too often.

I’ll never forget a frantic phone call I got from a client who asked how to get  back an email she just sent to a customer, but had meant to only send to her sister. In the email she  she trashed a customer and really got personal in a very mean way. The now past-customer was insulted and very angry as she should have been.

The best way to prevent big email whoppers is to set a delay send in your Gmail account (if you use it) and smartphone email accounts. I set my delay to 8 to 10 seconds giving me time to undo something if I need to with one click.

I’ll bet my client who got lambasted for being catty and sending the email to the customer and not her sister, wished she’d had that enabled.

Other big whopping email mistakes include, but are not limited to, asking employees, paid far less than you to pay, to pay  for spilling something on your clothes; mentioning to others that you are intimate with a person they know too (but maybe did not know you were hooked up); clicking reply all when you really should just be talking personal to one in the chain not everyone (especially if you are venting or are angry); and mocking of others or employees in an email.

You can never take back something you sent too quickly, so take a moment to see if your own email application allows for delayed sending, just to keep you from making your own whopping big email mistake.



Are You AMP’ed Up Yet?

Is Your Website Using Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)?
Is Your Website Using Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)?

Is your website AMP’ed? If it is you most certainly know that I am talking about Accelerated Mobile Pages, and Google loves them.

If you are not, it is relatively easy to create an AMP page template for your HTML website. Just follow some of these links to learn more and to see examples.

If you have a WordPress website there are a number of great plugins you can use. I like the following:

As AMP’ed websites are important from Google viewpoint and Google is actively showing AMP pages in the mobile index, it is important to know and understand why your website needs to embrace AMP now.


Not All Errors Are Real Errors

What to Know About Site Errors
What to Know About Site Errors

Errors, they may your heart beat faster and stomach clench especially when they impact your website. But, not all errors that are reported in plugins such as Yoast or even WordFence are real errors.

For example, today the Yoast SEO plugin flagged my site as not having a home page that was visible to search engines. But on additional testing and review of files; both the robots.txt and .htaccess file there was not issue. Additionally, on testing in the Google fetch feature in the Google Search Console – no errors were triggered. The Google bot was fully allowed even though Yoast said it was not.

Sometimes errors you see are false positives. But, that does not mean you can simply mark them as ignored or disregard them all together.

All website errors should be reviewed and corrected if found to be true. Don’t guess make sure that you do not have a problem each time one is brought to your attention.



Chat Apps for Your Website

Find out about website chat aps
Find out about website chat aps

Seems simple, just install code and you’ve got a chat app. But not so fast. I am finding out from personal experience that not all chat apps are alike.

I started out with Drift and still have that chat app on my blog (for now). What I found as I used the app was it slowed my website to a crawl for load time. I think much of this is the code is installed in the head tag as instructions state, but may be better installed before the </body>.

What is happening on my site is the page is taking so long to load and the navigation does not operate until the chat app function appears – I consider this very bad. Drift must have made a code change to the asynchronous code recently as the page load time was not an issue before but started about two weeks ago.  As a result I have been actively looking for a website chat app replacement.

I have tried three, MyLiveChat, and now Pure Chat. I am using Pure Chat on my website right now and so far I do like the free version. What I consider important for a website chat app are the following:

  1. Easy to install
  2. Able to configure colors
  3. Has a rock solid mobile app
  4. Does not impact page load speed

So far Tawk.To and My Live Chat  were too complicated for my needs and cumbersome to use.  Pure Chat has easy set up and I do like the mobile app which is simple to use.

I will be doing additional testing in the weeks ahead and when I settle on one, I’ll post it on my blog.