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Samsung Pay and You

Stay Safe with Samsung Pay
Stay Safe with Samsung Pay

I love all things digital and always try out new phone features. I have a Samsung phone and am now have enabled Samsung Pay.

Of interest to me and the reason for this blog post was to let you know that when I linked my bank credit card to Samsung Pay, my bank loved it!

Surprisingly enough my bank actually sent me an email after the link to say thank you. They stated that using Samsung Pay protects my credit card number and associate information from theft and is a very smart way to protect myself from credit card fraud. Who Knew!

Samsung Pay will create a unique identifier for every transaction and merchants never get my number or CVV code. With super easy use by turning on NFC and then tapping my phone to a merchant device, my credit card is billed and my information is kept safe.

Try it next time you are at any store or pay for gas. You may just love the ease and convenience.


Using Twitter at at Conference or Trade Show

How to use Twitter at an event or conference.
How to use Twitter at an event or conference.

Are you at a trade show or conference and want to tweet out what is happening? It’s easy.

Download the Twitter app for your phone at the Apple Store or Google Play.

Enter in your Twitter credentials to allow your desktop activity to be synced with your mobile activity.

At your next event, look near the entry for the hashtags your event is using. You may see something like #WebConf2019 for Web Conference 2019. At the end of our tweet add the hashtag. See my example below:

Seeing and learning today with our team at #WebConf2019.

I recommend when you are at a trade show or conference that you attach quick pics to your tweet using your smartphone. Simply take your photo, save to your phone’s gallery and then craft your tweet. After the hashtag click the paperclip icon to add a photo from your gallery and click tweet!

It is very easy, fun, and your tweet becomes searchable with the event hashtag. Remember you don’t need to be perfect when you tweet at an event, but be in the moment and capture the essence of the fun and what you are learning.


Is Search Engine Optimization for You?

Nancy McCord a Google Partner and Bing Partner
Nancy McCord a Google Partner and Bing Partner

Search engine optimization is not for every website. Although search engine optimization can really improve the organic search results for some websites, there are a couple of considerations when search engine optimization should not be considered and maybe a full site redesign may be a better investment of money and time.

When not to do search engine optimization:

  1. If your site is created in a template and the site layout becomes broken when new content is added.
  2. Your site looks funny in browsers other than Chrome and Firefox.
  3. You have a site designed using Flash or tables for your layout.
  4. Your website looks dated or non-professional.

As search engine optimization is not inexpensive, in some cases the money that would have been spent on search engine optimization would be better spent on a new search engine friendly design with built-in optimization features.


Make Google Ads Profitable for Your Business

Nancy C. McCord, Owner of McCord Web Services LLC
Nancy C. McCord, Owner of McCord Web Services LLC

Often in strange economic times a business may need to trim back Google Ads budgets. We are definitely in one of those strange periods where interest in services appears to be high, but customers are not moving into conversions.

The stock market and drama within the federal government have created a climate of “wait and see”. But advertisers are working to fiercely compete in Google Ads for the available clicks even if customers are not moving to buy.

If and when you have to cut back your advertising budget; do it smartly based on conversions and value to your business.

First, sort your data for a longer period than 30 days. I will usually use a 6 month period. Note the conversions of each campaign to the total as a percentage. Then decide on the new total 30 day ad spend you can live with. Divide that number by 30.4 to arrive at your daily ad spend budget.

Multiply your daily budget by the conversion percent of each ad group to arrive at your new campaign budget. Then look to do a reality check. If you’ve got remarketing at less than $10 a day Google really will not serve that program. If you have some campaigns at $10 or $15 a day but your average cost per click is $5, you will get very little activity for that program.

Instead consider grouping some of those low budget items into a shared budget to try to help Google be able to serve your programs that you have put on a diet.

Remember, big changes to your budget will take about 7 to 14 days for Google to adjust to again. Be patient to see results at your new lower budget.