MFA Sites to be Banned From AdWords June 1

MFAs or sites Made For AdSense, also known as AdSense Arbitrage sites are being banned from the Google Content Network effective Juan 1, 2007. Personally I think that this is good news, but in the professionals forums you should hear the squawking.

Made for AdSense or AdSense Arbitrage sites are somewhat shady sites that play on the misspellings of popular domains and exist for one reason to entice people who really land there by accident to click an ad and generate click income for the site owner. A whole cottage industry has been developed catering to this particular strategy with huge AdWord’s spend budgets being used to actually drive traffic to an arbitrage site. Typically the site owner moves in and out of domains quickly, sometimes even using the three day domain period and then returning the domain to ICANN at no charge to work the traffic. What you should know is that this is not a legitimate business making opportunity and shaded in gray.

There are many involved in the field who would hotly contest my comments and say that this is free enterprise at its best, but I have long felt that these were not legitimate business efforts and finally Google has recognized that and is actively shutting down these account. Webmasters involved in this “industry” will now have to look for another avenue to scam people into clicking their links and inflating their profits at the expense of “real advertisers”. I say thanks Google for getting rid of this blot in the AdSense program.


New Blogger Labels

If you are using the new beta Blogger, well not beta anymore, then you know that you can add the widget that adds labels to your template with nearly one click. How very nice!

If you are using FTP and the Blogger platform, then you know just what a headache it is especially if you are using a custom designed template to add labels to your own blog template.

I tried over the weekend to do this dynamically on my blog Web-World Watch. I followed three different sets of instructions struggling to find a way that would work to dynamically create the label list. I tried adding the new mime type to the .htaccess file, adding a PHP include and several versions of scripts. At the end of several hours, I just had to simply give up. I added the “popular labels” using plain HTML manually to my template so that users can access my labels. I won’t be able to add more dynamically, but at least I have tried out several approaches that I have found on the Web.

If you find an easy work around to add labels to an FTP blog, let me know, I am all ears.


Sending Large Files

I just spent quite a bit of time trying to send a client photos for their printer. The files were large. Even zipped, the file got bounced. Even sent one at a time the files got bounced.

Enter in YouSentIt to the rescue. I was able to upload my one zip file with the 15 300 dpi photos for the printer and load it and send the client a link. How very convenient. I won’t waste time trying any other way next time.

Oh I know I forgot to say it was FREE for the Lite version. Click my post title and check it out yourself, you may want to book mark the site for when you get in a jam.


Commision Junction Woes

Commission Junction is one of the biggest services for webmasters to make money with their sites on the web, but I have to tell you I personally feel that they are very difficult to work with.

One, they have this infuriating policy about disabling your account for non-activity, but non-activity in their eyes. I have to tell you, you should watch your account regularly. Then have you tried to use their reporting system? Talk about non-user friendly!

For me, I am a Yahoo Ambassador and so get a preferential commission rate for Yahoo Search Marketing sign ups. Yahoo had moved into a CJ managed program earlier this year, and that’s when my problems started.

Currently I have Yahoo and CJ working to resolve my problem, but am I hopeful that it will be fixed and be paid? Actually no I am not. I will most likely not be paid for any activity that had occured in my account in the last 6 months because of a glitch in their system that approved me and sent me a welcome letter, but in their control panel denied me. I am currently going around and around with them and am getting exhausted by it.

The biggest problem that I see is that Yahoo has outsourced this important aspect of their business. Google has this all done in house with their own AdSense program for Google AdWords, and Yahoo really should take notes. By outsourcing their commission payment for referral programs they have brought in a cadre of people who really don’t care if someone is frustrated and drops their program.

The amount of contact to try to resolve a problem is just unbelievable. So far I have worked with Yahoo’s Ambassador team at Kowabunga, (they outsource this aspect too – shame on you Yahoo), and Yahoo directly, as well as the Yahoo team at CJ (who from my point of view is totally in the dark).

Okay I’m done with my rant for the day, but good grief, the web is rife with complaints about Commissions Junction and this is just another one.

Here is one tip though. If your Commission Junction account does get deactivated at CJ, get on the phone and get with Technical Support. Here is the Commission Junction phone number 800-761-1072 and boy was it hard to get! They can actually re enable it for you to give you another chance. As for me, this is it. If I get deactivated, I will go back to my regular program and get rid of all CJ links.


Are You Using a Webcam Yet?

Are you using one? I just got a webcam and think that it is great. I will be doing a piece in my next e-newsletter on how to install it and use it. But in the mean time, I sure am having fun trying to figure out how to effectively use it.

The web and many blogs are moving into video. You see them all over the web, the static image with the big arrow on top. There are no easy tutorials on the web on how to add video to your blog, but I will be testing how to do this in the next several days, so look for additional information on how to add video to your blog as well. Whether I will be able to eventually create my own video for my blog remains to be seen, but I’ll keep trying and post one if I can only figure it out.


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