AdWords Preferred Cost Bidding Analysis

You’ve probably seen this new type of bidding in your account by now – preferred cost bidding versus maximum cost per click bidding. But should you use it?

I tried the settings on my own account for a week and this is what I found. I got:

25% less clicks
16% less impressions
8% less click throughs
a 4% higher overall average cost per click
I spent 5% more overall

For me preferred cost bidding increased my costs and decreased my performance.

When would I even consider using preferred cost bidding?
If you have a product that you are selling online that is a set price and you want to have a set advertising cost to hard code in for your ROI equation, then I feel preferred cost bidding would be right for you. Would I recommend other advertisers change to preferred cost bidding. You may want to try it like I did, but Google did not make a billion dollars in profit last quarter for nothing. I just don’t think that this new option will replace the maximum Cost per Click bidding that is used more frequently. I think that in the long run to have a set average bid will cost you more and not deliver the clicks and impressions that you want when tested over time.


New Ghost Blogging Pricing and Options

We’ve just posted our new ghost blogging pricing and options. Of note is our choice of new blog set up options; Custom FTP Set Up, Blogspot Set Up with a Custom Domain, and Blogspot Set Up.

We’ve also dropped our five day a week blogging service. It is simply too draining for us to blog cost effectively at our low prices five days a week without an additional research time charge.

We’ve added a new program for confidential executive ghost blogging that is quoted on a job basis.

Our prices have not increased much, but we have added some new services such as monthly Google Sitemaps for your blog, Google Analytics installation for blogs just to name two. Click the post title to review all our new details.


Blogging for Organic Search Placement?

Question: Can you prove that blogging will improve my organic search placement?

Answer: That is very difficult to quantify for a website and is part of an overall strategy for organic page placement. Google alone has over 150 different factors that it uses to determine page rank so there is no one answer that I could give you that would say “blog and move up 10 positions on Google.”

What I do know is that blogging adds content to your site on a regular basis which keeps search engine spiders coming back, blogging when done on keywords provides ways for visitors to enter your site through blog posts and then into your website, blogging as it adds the the number of pages on a narrow topic for your site over time adds authority to your site which is one of Google’s evaluating site factor for page rank.

Wish there was a magic formula to say yes, we can prove that blogging will help you get to the number one spot, but honestly no one can say that. It is a good practice policy that speaks to many of the elements that improve your page rank on Google and the other search engines, but will it help YOU move up, that depends on many factors, your marketplace, your keywords you are targeting, your current site, your overall strategy, your current content freshness, spiderability of your current web site, your current site’s performance in the organic SERPs.

What we do know from historical data is that traffic does improve from a special case study that we have done and that sites that do blog will have a higher traffic level than sites that do not. We know that blogs add to the stickiness factor of a site, and we know that blogs feed the search engine the content and some of the parameters that they are specifically looking for when they determine page rank.

For you, you may want to consider doing a three month test on your site to evaluate if blogging works for your market and viewers and builds your traffic and site over time. Blogging is considered an organic help and organic placement of a site by its very nature is not a quick fix but a long-term process. You will find that most Search Engine Optimization companies are recommending a blog as part of an overall strategy for improvement.

Your question may be a good one for a white paper, but has one been done that I can point you to – not that I can find on Google. You may want to do further research on blogs on the Web to identify if a blog is right for your needs.


Just Launched Medallion Fulfillment & Logistics

We’ve just launched a new website for Medallion Fulfillment & Logistics.

What an improvement over the old site. This content rich site and optimized for search engine performance on global fulfillment and fulfillment outsourcing is ready to start bringing prospects to our client. We have used the My Contact Form for the processing of the fees form and contact form on the site if you want to check them out.

The site is set up with a static layout that is wider to accommodate larger screen sizes and yet not alienate the decreasing population of smaller screen size user’s too badly. With significantly improved navigation and site architecture this 24 page site finally addresses all of the client’s service offerings in a concise way.

We provided additional content creation services as well. Make sure to read the Case Studies page as the studies are so well written they read like a novel – kudos to our copywriter Sue Guirl for an exceptional job on them. They are real, interesting reading, and quickly portray a picture of the company and their services.

If you are looking for fulfillment services make sure to click in. If you just want to see a new site and browse around we invite you to visit Medallion too.


New Blogger Publishing Speed

Wow, I just have to click back in and say that the new blogging platform using Blogspot with a custom domain feature has the fastest publishing that I have seen. It is nearly instantaneous.

If you have used FTP blogging or the old Blogger interface, you know that publishing used to be an excruciating process. Didn’t you just hate that old blinking publishing icon that regularly got stuck in a cycle.

No more! Instant publishing is a new feature with the new Blogger using custom domains!


Ghost Blogging Services

Thinking about getting into blogging? We can make it easy with our ghost blogging services. Now you can blog only when you feel like it. We’ll keep up the frequency to get you organic placement and take the pressure off of you so you can write only when you want to and only on the topics you love.

We have three level of ghost blogging services. Click the post title to go to our services page.

I was just recently interviewed by Tony Kontzer for Investors Business Daily for an article on executive ghost blogging. When they let me know that the article has been published, I will post a link to it. They tell me that the article will be available online for a limited period and then available only to subscribers in the archive.

The article will speak to how should executives handle ghost blogging, what are their responsibilities in working with the ghost blogger, what should the blogger be doing, and how effective and widespread is ghost blogging use. I think that it will be an interesting piece.

Ghost blogging is hot and executive ghost blogging a well know secret in the industry. If you are ready to let go of your current blog because you are simply too busy, have had good intentions about blogging but have not kept up the frequency, we can step in and easily take over.

Blogging can be great fun, but if you are busy, it can become a real chore and one that you can start to dread. We’ll can make blogging easy for you with our popular ghost blogging service.


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