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Amazon Creates a Send to Kindle Button

I have a Kindle Fire and love it. Although I don’t typically read books on it, I may start reading articles I find on the Web now that Amazon has launched a new “Send to Kindle” button.

Send to Kindle Button
Send to Kindle Button

You can create your own button code from this special Amazon link to start allowing readers to send your own info to their Kindles. Although I haven’t seen many sites with this new button just yet, I am just starting to take a look and may very well tag my own blog with the code.The reason I like my Kindle Fire so much over other technology that I use is that it is small enough to fit in my purse, has a fabulous screen, is back-lit so I don’t need an accessory light and can read at night in bed while my husband is sleeping. However, I find I use it more for video and travel than article reading.

With the new ability to send articles from blogs and websites I like, I feel that I may be enticed to start reading the news on my Kindle Fire versus my smartphone.

The code looks fairly easy to implement and very straightforward to install, so check it out.