Microsoft adCenter Changes Coming

Click the link in our blog post title to go to Microsoft adCenter’s beta control panel. Microsoft is revamping the old adCenter control panel and there are some very welcome changes.

No you won’t see the magic yellow carat that Google uses to carry changes to the bottom of the page, but you will see new bulk editing options. That alone is one of the biggest improvements. adCenter is also touting new bulk ad upload features, though I have not tested this one yet, that will allow you to migrate programs easily from Yahoo. Migrating from AdWords takes a bit of work as AdWords ads are done with two line descriptions and Microsoft adCenter has one, like Yahoo. But truthfully any improvement there will be welcome.

I am testing out the Microsoft content network tomorrow and will let you know what happens with that in the next few days. I feel like I will ride that train until they add a publisher network and quality goes into the trash basket. Right now content will be on top dollar, high value Microsoft property sites, so it won’t be cheap, but the quality for the time being may be as good as the MSN and Live Search vehicles.