Broken WordPress Spell Checker Solution

In the last three WordPress installations we’ve done the spell checker has been broken. When clicked you simply go no where and then finally – if you are lucky you will get an error that WordPress is looking for an .xml file.

Well instead of pulling out your hair, here is a very simple solution that not only helps you write properly spelled posts in WordPress, but can help you at forums, on online forms and any other browser applications. It is called ieSpell and I think it is a very neat application.

Click my post title to go to the ieSpell site and then click the download link on their sidebar. This application will install itself in Internet Explorer both 6 and 7. I have 7 and I access ieSpell on demand from the arrow to the right of tools.

Not only is this a very simple solution for WordPress, but it will help you to look good anywhere you are writing on the fly.


ieSpell To The Rescue

Today’s post is at Blog-World Watch and is on the topic of what you can do when the WordPress spell checker is broken as well as introducing you to a neat application I’ve found.