Become An Effective Blogger With Our Top Blogging Tips

We blog professionally for many clients and today I’d like to pass on the tips for effective blogging that I teach to my blog copywriters.

1. To build traffic on your site in 30 days blog religiously five days a week to see a marked increase.

2. To keep your readers subscribed and attract search engines blog a minimum of three days a week.

3. Keep your posts around 200 to 250 words and on one topic. Keep your posts keyword dense but written in proper English.

4. Craft your post title to contain your top keywords and in a phrase that may match a search engine query.

5. Look for interesting content to build readership. Never copy articles on the Web and post them on your blog create your own unique content and write with a distinctive point of view.

6. Stick with blogging and post even when you do not want to. To make it easy, I make a list of post titles and when I need help with an idea I pull a topic from my pre-prepared list.

7. If you are using WordPress blog ahead and set your blog to publish in the future. Many of my busy bloggers do their posts on the weekend and allow WordPress to auto-publish their posts.

8. Do not copy posts from Word directly into any blog control panel. Have you ever seen these characters in a blog post C$A or other characters that look like Russian text? These are apostrophes or dashes from a post that has been copied from Word directly in the blog post screen. We tell our bloggers to post in the control panel. If you feel that you MUST work in Word, copy your post into Notepad remove the curly apostrophes with find and replace and then recopy and paste your post from Notepad into the blog control panel.

9. If you want best search engine benefits consider WordPress and install the Meta Tag Plug-in and use it for every post!

10. Don’t stress out over the fact that people typically will not post comments on your blog. This is not an indication that people are reading your blog. Also don’t start blogging thinking that a blog is a forum. It really takes a hot topic for readers to leave a comment. Don’t freak out if you don’t get comments, people are reading your blog!

Hope my tips help you to be a more effective blogger! Hey, leave me a comment with your tips and break my #10 tip that people don’t comment on blogs typically. :0)