Password Protect Sections of Your Website

Now you can easily set up a member’s area for your website, take pay subscriptions to view your content all without advanced programming or database knowledge.

Check out Sentry Login a very easy to use online application that even integrates with PayPal to help your website earn money for you!

Here are the good things about Sentry Login:
1. Easy to implement
2. You can control pages that specific users arrive at as their first page
3. Integrates with no brainpower used to PayPal
4. Allows you to easily manage your online database of users
5. Costs only $4.95 per month

Here are the things that I wish were improved:
1. Wish I had the ability to customize the subscribe message and auto messages sent to a new user on set up
2. Wished the landing URLs could be masked to match my domain

For non-programmers this is an elegant and easy to use application that you may want to consider for your website or blog.