Social Media Blogging Does It Work?

You decide for yourself if you like social media blogging but my candid opinion is that it is bunk.

The majority of clients use blogging for search engine placement and we understand their needs. Here is a prime example:

Here is a post from Rocky Mountain Tracking before we started blogging: Take a careful look at the blog post. It has absolutely nothing to do with the products the client was selling. He sells GPS tracking hardware to fleets and individuals.

Here is a post from Rocky Mountain Tracking that is written by one of our top writers: The post is on topic keyword dense and would be interesting reading for website visitors therefore increasing the site’s stickiness and the site’s number of blog subscribers.

I don’t know who it is who coined social media blogging and who the nuts are who are selling this to clients, but as a professional blogger I think that social media blogging is bunk.

Blog readers want to read posts that are on message. They want to read posts that dovetail nicely with the content on the parent site or they would be reading things on MySpace, Facebook, or Yahoo Groups.

And what about search engines? What do you think they think about the fluff that had passed for social media posts on the Rocky Mountain Tracking blog? Well the old posts certainly did not add authority to the site from my point of view. The search engine firm that is helping Rocky Mountain Tracking is delighted with our “on message” content and so is the client!