Do You Need A Custom Blog Template?

You don’t need one really, that is a custom template, but you may WANT one. Custom templates can run anywhere from $200 to $450 and up, but the ones that we have seen have typically run around $350 to $400.

A custom template should include:
1. A custom banner or image
2. Preferably match the look and feel of your website
3. Should for sure include links back to your main website
4. Include easy subscription options for readers for email or RSS

Why not use a free template?
If you are HTML savvy you can certainly download any number of free templates and tweak them. Remember a blog template for Blogspot will contain different programming syntax than will a template for custom FTP or old Blogger. WordPress templates will have unique syntax and will not be compatible with the Blogger platform.

A lot of whether you will purchase a custom template will depend on your budget. If you are buying blog writing services, it seems crazy to spend that much money for content and have a “plain vanilla” blog template that clearly says to the world “I am tentative on this blogging thing”.

Custom blog templates can really enhance the professional appearance of your blog. Now’s the time for you to consider one.