Adding Pictures to Your WordPress Blog

Adding pictures to Blogger blogs is easy, but how about WordPress, it seems much more complicated, but it is not really.

With Blogger, you have an image icon in the toolbar and a easy couple of steps, but with WordPress, you have underneath the post entry box a section that is called “File Upload”. To add a picture simply click “Browse” in the “File” section and find the image on your hard drive and then import to post. You can give your image a title and description if you would like. Then click “Link to File” and then “Sent to Editor”. You should now be able to see your image in your blog post. You are almost done but not quite yet.

Go to your post field and click “Code” to go to the HTML source code. Here you will find the image syntax of :

img src=”” alt=”gourmet-lunch.jpg”

Find the place that starts with img src move your cursor to the end of the address at the end of the ” insert this:

hspace=”6″ vspace=”2″ align=”right”

If you don’t want the hyperlink on your image (that is the blue line), just go to compose view and click the photo and then the broken chain in the toolbar to break the hyperlink. Then publish your post. By adding this command you are pushing your picture over a bit and allowing a wee bit of padding around the sides and moving your photo to the right of the content so your content does not butt up right next to it, to help it look better.

So it is not complicated to add an image to WordPress blog posts, just different.