Building Traffic for Your Blog or Website

There is no silver bullet sorry. Building your traffic is hard work and requires commitment.

Here are several things you should not do as they do not work:

1. Do not buy traffic from sites on the Web. What they supply are scammy redirects, fool people into visiting your page, embed your link in spam. You will not reap real site visitors. The traffic that is generated is there by accident and typically will stay under several seconds.

2. Do not use PPC content networks to build traffic to your website. The truth is that content clicks are notorious for not converting into sales. Typically these clicks may come in as well for a few seconds and surf off. If you are paying under $.25 per click it may be worth the expense, but make sure you have limits on what you will spend in content. When you stop paying, your traffic will drop like a rock.

Here are several things you should do as they do work:

1. Work over your content, make sure that it is user centric. Provide value to your readers and make your site the very best that it can be.

2. Create informational pieces that you give away for free that instructs people on hot topics in a helpful way. In our case we have Outlook tips and computer tips. Use these pages to garner site traffic in a legitimate way as well as build your overall site authority and organic placement in the process.

3. Work forums and industry blogs. Leave helpful and meaningful comments with links to your site in your signature. Do no be an infomercial in your post. Again, offer something meaningful.

4. Blog a minimum of five times a week and make your content great! Focus on helpful and informational. You will find that a well written blog will add to your site, keep readers engaged, and will over time improve your organic as well as traffic results.

It is hard work to build your site traffic, but you need to make a commitment and really work your program. Do it in a haphazard fashion and you will simply reap haphazard results.