McCord Web Services Press Release

Check out our recent press release announcing our name change at PR Web.

I think that you’ll find this quick snap shot of our business and our aggressive growth plan for 2008 interesting reading. Additionally I was featured on the Weekend Entrepreneur recently. In this article I am interviewed on transitioning from a corporate job to being self employed and my nuggets of wisdom for others wanting to make that transition.

So just a few links to McCord Web in the news this last week. :0)


Blog Writing Change

We’ve had a staff meeting this last weekend and have changed how we blog for clients. Previously we have stated that your content may predetermine if we can blog for you and at what blog writing level.

Based on our staff meeting, four of my top writers decided that we can blog for just about anyone at our starter Jade Level. As long as there is a wealth of content to be found on the Web on their general topic, we can do a Jade Level blog for $15 per post. My team constantly surprises me with their “Can Do” attitude.

Additionally to help more people get blogging we have significantly dropped our blog set up price. Set up is now $150. Although WordPress and Blogger are both free applications configuration and set up (especially custom FTP Blogger set up), can be difficult. With our services for blog set up, we take away the headaches and even give you a 15 minute online training class to help you start blogging fast.

So if you were thinking about blogging, set up is now more affordable, and blog writing to supplement your own blog writing is easier to find and now available at our starter level for more blogs.