Yahoo Sponsored Search

Have you considered expanding your pay per click advertising onto Yahoo? A natural progression for a mature advertising program is to expand services onto Yahoo after success with Google AdWords.

Yahoo Search commands 28% of the search market which makes advertising on Yahoo important, but even more than that is that the demographics and buying habits of Yahoo users is different than those using Google.

We have found that some advertising programs will do better on Yahoo than on Google. On the average we have found that whatever conversions you are making on Google you will typically make about 1/2 of those on Yahoo, but you may pay significantly less on Yahoo per click than on Google.

For some clients, we recommend starting with Yahoo instead of Google. If you will be doing your own account set up and management, Yahoo is a much better place to start than Google AdWords. Yahoo is fairly easy to manage, caters to a self-managed market and has easy to use account and keyword tools, and still gets great results.

If you have not thought about expanding to Yahoo, now’s the time to consider moving into that arena.