Is Ghost Blogging Insincere?

That is a good question for a professional ghost blogging firm.

Here is my personal point of view. If you are not a high profile personality or book author, it will typically not hurt you if we blog under your name. In fact, it may give your personal name more cachet on the Web.

If you are a book author or high profile personality, you had better be carefulĀ on having a blogger write as if they were you. Having someone blog under your own name where you have not pre-approved the post or message may come back to bite you in a negative way. I think that particularly if you are an author to have someone write under your name may taint any publications you have done or will do as possible illegitimate. People may question your next book, “did they really write it or was this ghost written too?”

Typically for authors, we will want to blog under a pen name and not your own name. This makes perfect sense so that if a post is controversial you can disavow it. If it is written under your name, you may find yourself swirling in a controversy you did not want.

Here are my suggestions for best practice on ghost writing:

  1. If you are a book author have your blogger blog under a pen name not your own.
  2. If you are a small business owner start your blogger out under your own name, as your blog becomes more trafficked move the blogger to a pen name.
  3. If challenged on a post or article – did you actually write it? Don’t lie. You can say that you had a ghost writer take your thoughts or topics under your guidance, but you did not actually pen the piece but you were involved in it.

When in doubt, have your blogger writer under a pen name not your own. It may be the best insurance to protect your name and integrity in the long run.