Integrating Your Blog With Your Website

If you have a website and have added a blog to get the flow through traffic benefits you need to cross link both your blog and your website.

It is easy to link your blog to your website. It is typically done in the footer of the page as well as in the sidebar. You can even deep link to your website by using the BlogRoll option in WordPress if you are not HTML savvy.

On the website side, it is best if you include your blog as an important link in your main navigation. I have seen some times link only in their footer and this is a missed opportunity as your site visitor will typically be focused on the top level navigation. Remember that the top right section of your page is hot real estate. Having a button, icon or image to point people to your blog at this location builds on eye tracking studies and will drive traffic from your website to blog effectively.

Don’t have the links to your blog be secondary in nature or added as an after thought. Blog traffic needs your initial assistance by heavily linking from your website to your blog in an effective and comprehensive way. Don’t set your blog up for traffic problems by not doing your part to effectively integrate it into your website.