AdWords, It is Not Add-On Selling, It is About Success

We’ve made a pretty sweeping change in our Google AdWords account set up service. We now bundle our research and set up with the first four weeks of account management. This is not about building a sale as nearly all of our clients had bought the first four weeks of management, but it is about helping your program to be successful.

Find out why this is crucial to your success with Google AdWords in our post at Web-World Watch and what happens typically to an account in the first week. We see the same pattern over and over and know from experience what to do to bring you through the “crash”.


Why the First Four Weeks is Crucial to AdWords Success

Good keyword research and winning ad text is now not enough when it comes to success with Google AdWords. It is now crucially important to not only have great set up, but careful management of your account in the crucial first four weeks.

This is not an issue of add-on selling or building a sale from my viewpoint, but an assurance of success. Why? Typically when an account first starts rolling Google will strongly serve the ads and sometimes at lower than typical figures. In the first two to three days all seems peachy. Then Google figures out where the new advertiser fits in its mix both by CTR, daily budget, and max. CPC. Typically we will see an account suddenly drop in ad position to 7 or 10 or even lower on the page. If you are not watching the account and making incremental adjustments in the cost per click based on market competition, your program is doomed to start to see the impressions drop and ad position continue to stay low and the program stagnate.

After weeks at this level some self-managers will figure that AdWords is not a suitable program for them. What they do not realize is that the first two weeks in an account are typically rocky. With fine-tuning by a proficient account manager around week three things seem to gel and the program really gets rolling.

What we do as account managers, in the first four weeks is crucial to your success. Sometimes adjustments are made in geotargeting, cost per click, ad text, keywords, negative keywords, and match types. In fact we feel so strongly about helping you start off successfully that now we bundle our set up and first four weeks of management together. We don’t do just set up as we know that these programs are doomed in the first week without active experienced account management to bring them to a satisfactory level of experience.