Blog Comments – Let the Fur Fly!

I have recently read a blog where the author stated that she sanitizes all comments and only posts comments that match her point of view; deleting all flameouts and negative comments. My feelings are different than hers on comments.

What is the purpose of allowing comments if you pre-screen everything and only post the ones that build up your point of view? Now, I am not talking about allowing spam or a free-for-all or hate mail. Legitimate comments, even though negative ones, have their place. I do not remove negative comments from any of my blogs. I haven’t had a lot of negative comments, but when I get one, I do not take it personally nor do I prescreen my comments.

When I get a negative comment, I do typically respond to the comment and sometimes even make the comment a new post fleshing out my viewpoints, but I let the fur fly! Controversy can actually be good for traffic and even encourage others to comment with their own point of view. I do not see negative comments as a negative at all.

When I hear that a blogger sanitizes comments on their blog, I wonder to what purpose? A blog is about exchange and on my blogs it is about an open exchange. You may not agree with me on some things but will I delete your comment, No, but I will if you spam me!