Why I Really Like Twitter

You know I just started testing Twitter out last week and I have to say that it is becoming one of my all time favorite apps. Click my blog post title to see my own Twitter page.

Twitter is like a blog, instant messenger, and interactive social media site all rolled into one. Here’s what I particularly like:

1. It is super easy to start. You don’t even need to know anyone. Just search for your business areas and then read the short bio and click follow of the people who you think sound interesting.

2. Write in 140 or so characters what you are doing or link to what are reading.

3. Look at what other people are linking to, reading and reviewing.

4. Get involved! I find the interaction refreshing and I am not a big fan of social media sites – they take too much time, but Twitter is fast, short, and actually really fun! I find Twitter easier to update than a blog, fast, interactive, and actually really fun.

Not sure, just try it for three or four days. If you are on the web all day long like me, Twitter is a super easy way to connect, have your ear to the ground for new info, and to meet others in your industry. I even have clients who are following me on Twitter. When you get on Twitter, it may surprise you who you will find there.

One tip, if you don’t know where to start with friends, search for people with your last name and just follow the first ten. It’s kind of cool to see if you may even be distantly related.


Top WordPress Plugins

If you’re using WordPress for your blogging platform, you’ll want to check out my top WordPress plugins at Blog-World Watch today.

Find out which plugins we recommend for installation of all new blogs. Get the links to the plugins and review them for your blog.


My Top WordPress Plug-Ins

Here is a list of my favorite WordPress plug-ins and why I like them so much:

Add Meta Tags Automatically
If you’ve been adding meta tags manually now this plug-in pickups up your first few sentences and title and automatically adds them as meta tags to your post. As long as your first sentence is keyword dense and on topic, you’ll find this plug-in a real time saver.

You may need to search on WordPress for this plug-in by Dan Cameron, but it adds the feed sensing code in the top template of your blog.

Google Sitemap Generator
This is another great automatic plug-in that does the work for you keeping Google up-to-date on all of your posts.

Social Bookmark Creator
Automatically add the links you want to the various social bookmarking sites with just a few clicks for configuration.

Database Backup Tool
This makes saving your blog posts easy with either a scheduled and emailed backup or server backup of your blog posts.

These are just a few of the top WordPress plug-ins that we routinely recommend for installation on WordPress blogs. If you swear by others, let me know by leaving a comment with a link to the plug-in that you like.