Page Layout Slip Sliding Around

You’ve seen websites like this, the layout slides around over lays other elements and looks very different in Firefox and Internet Explorer. Although the world is moving to all CSS website design layouts, there is still use for table layouts combined with CSS.

I have found that these hybrid layouts may be more cross-browser compatible and may in some cases even load faster then pure CSS designs. I do like the ability to make fast global changes with CSS, but have not stopped using tables all together for best practices.

Case in point, in Dreamweaver CS3 use any CSS three column layouts and then insert a Spry navigation menu. Even with absolute positioning, the menu is not locked down and can slide around the page depending on which browser your use to view your site with. That’s a real problem! If you want it on the right, it needs to stay on the right! Lock the Spry menu inside a table and position the table with CSS and you’ve solved the problem across all browsers.

So will web design be all CSS in the very near future? Most likely not, but more will be moving into that same direction. Now, if we could only get all browsers to follow the same box model that would be huge step, but, sigh with IE not following the path of others, it makes it very difficult to embrace a pure CSS layout and have it look great for everyone.