Getting Coupons Before Buying Online

Just this last week my son Chris graduated from high school. For his graduation gift my husband and I bought him a Dell computer with all the bells and whistles. I had thought we would originally spend about $800 or so for a great laptop. By the time my son and my husband got done it was $1,700 at Dell.

Before they completed the order I asked, “hey, did you guys do a search for a Dell coupon?”. They both looked at me like I was a nut. I jumped to my computer, did a Google search on Dell coupon, went to the first site and called out the coupon code. This quick action added another $150 discount to our Dell order. After Dell’s discount and the coupon code I found, the computer is now at a more reasonable $1,300 total.

My tip is when you are buying something big like a laptop, computer, software, television, go a quick Google search and see if there’s a coupon that you can take advantage of with a few clicks.

In our case, we didn’t even have to leave the Dell order to buy the item on the coupon site, we just entered the coupon code and were good to go. Let the power of the Web save you money too with just a few clicks.