Jeremy Zawodny Leaves Yahoo and So The Exodus Starts

If you don’t know who Jeremy Zawodny is, he is Yahoo’s mouthpiece to the professional world of webmasters much in the sense that Matt Cutts is for Google. Jeremy is a search engineer and Yahoo uses him to disseminate information and his blog allows professionals such as myself to get an inside picture on what is happening with Yahoo.

Well, it is news that he is leaving Yahoo after 8 years. I didn’t expect otherwise. His blog has been very somber lately and he had written recently in angst about the Microsoft Yahoo bid. After having been in the corporate world myself and having a top management change affect my job drastically, sometimes quality people need to jump ship before new management puts the hammer down and squelches their creativity or changes the corporate culture to an unworkable model where they are no longer welcome. Clearly such is the case for Jeremy.

With all the changes Yahoo has experienced in the last several months, it is very hard to think that it is really business as us usual. I expect there will be other high level team members that will take their own exodus in the weeks to come leaving Yahoo ripe for the picking. Microsoft would be very foolish to not be looking carefully at acquisition of Yahoo.