Spend 15 Minutes a Day For Success Your Way!

That’s all it take is 15 minutes a day to network your way to success on LinkedIn or Facebook. I have found that by interacting with connections in a non-threatening, non-selling way that you create relationships that really do translate into selling opportunities.

I don’t use Facebook or LinkedIn for selling, but I have picked up several new selling opportunities just this week alone by connecting with others. What I have been able to do specifically is to enrich relationships that existed before and move them to a truly more personal level and it’s fun on top of that.

With Facebook, I found out the birthday of several key clients and past¬†clients and was able to send them a personalized digital gift for their big day. Personal interaction is what the Web is all about now and so the ability to connect on someone’s special day is not only good business, but being a good “friend”.¬† In our increasingly online world people want to do business and interact with “real” people who will take the time to get to know them as more than a dollar sign.

So for success both for personal enrichment and for creating new business opportunities the mantra is now “Spend 15 minutes a day for success your way!”

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