Peachtree Complete Accounting 2009 – A Winner

I have been using Peachtree Pro 2008 since April. I love the software and find it easy to use. By implementing an automated accounting and billing product I have streamlined my operations and have gained much more time to grow my business.

Just this week, I upgraded to Peachtree Complete 2009. I opted to upgrade to 2009 so that I would have the ability to run reports from any year range that I wanted instead of only a two year period. I opted to upgrade from Pro to Complete because with the $140 discount I got from Staples on the Complete version I was within dollars of just upgrading to Peachtree Pro 2009.

The reason for this post is to let you know what a time saver for me one of the features that Peachtree Complete has that Pro does not – Time Billing. Now I can track, notate, document, and bill my time without using a timer, a log sheet, or even creating a new invoice. I can do it all from the Time Billing interface.

I have to tell you that for my business web services – which is built around billing customers for time I expend on projects, this is a huge time saving improvement. I believe that I will be able to even increase my profitability by accurately logging my time on phone calls and email correspondence for clients with the integrate timer. But it is the integrated time logging and then customer billing that really has me going. Wow, I just cannot begin to state how effective this will be for again streamlining my business billing processes.

If you are like me, the majority of your income comes from time you bill clients, you need to automate this very important part of your business. As for me implementing Peachtree Accounting software was one of the very best things that I did this year. Not only do I have a better handle on my business and its profitability, but I have been able to minimize the time I spend on accounting and paperwork to run my business to doing the things I love which are selling and providing my services.

One quick note, I am not being paid for this review in fact Peachtree doesn’t even know I am writing it. I just wanted to share with you one of the great features that I have found and why I am so glad that I upgraded from Peachtree Pro to Peachtree Complete 2009.