Getting on the Blog Band Wagon

If you have a website and do not have a blog, it is time for you to get on the blog band wagon. Savvy search engine optimization experts have been recommending blogs for the past year, but we know that a blog does a lot more for you than help with search engines.

Here’s why at McCord Web Services, we’re so bullish on blogs:

1. Blogs bring and build website traffic.

2. Blogs increase the stickiness of your website.

3. Blogs add new fresh content to your website – if your blog is posted under your domain.

4. Blogs build contextual authority on your topic for your website in the eyes of all top three search engines.

5. Blogs build topical entry pages that are keyword dense and on one topic that readers can use to find you and your services.

6. Blogs build interest with readers and can operate as a point of interaction between you and prospects.

7. Blog comments can build controversy and discussion on your selected topics where an open exchange is allowed.

8. Blog interaction, comments, and traffic let you know clearly the topics that your audience is interested in knowing more about allowing you to shape your services and products to your visitors needs.

9. Blogging is a very effective way to become different from your competition.

10. Blogging allows you to put a personal face on your business and to connect with others in a productive and interesting way.

You can review our white paper called “The Tangible Benefits of Blogging” or more really in-depth information.