Reed and Reed Debt Collection Services

It is a sad state of affairs when we have to review a collection agency and a terrible indictment of today’s business climate. We have recently selected Reed and Reed to act as our collection agency. If you are looking for a proactive professional service to handle collecting on your late accounts, we recommend that you take a look at Reed and Reed.

Collections are a sensitive matter, but one that nearly all businesses will use at some time or another. Stephen Smith of Reed and Reed tells me that in today’s business climate, they recommend to their clients to turn accounts over for collections at 60 days. The longer that you wait to start collection the less you may actually recover.

Not only are we following Stephen’s advice, but are tightening up on the way we allow credit to new customers. So if you are in a similar position – trying to be patient with client’s who simply will not pay, now’s the time to get proactive and check out this resource which was recommended to us by one of our own clients and who we have very positive dealings with so far.