Why Are You Blogging?

We blog for search engines and for increasing readership. Why do you blog? There are many good reasons to blog and I will certainly tell you some of them in this post, but aggressive lead generation is not one of them.

I consider blogging a soft-selling medium. Blogging allows you to share information with readers and develop authority on your topic in their eyes. I have never used blogging as a lead generation medium per-say, because truthfully that is simply not what blogging is about. Blogging is about conversation, sharing knowledge, and search engines. Hit your readers with a marketing message post after post and you will lose readers.

I have gotten clients from my blog, but usually after they have followed me for a time, feel comfortable with my proficiency in a specific area, and valued my knowledge, never because of one post I have written.

These are my top reasons for blogging:

  1. Build content for search engines.
  2. Create “Web Authority” for search engines and readers.
  3. Build keyword density on specific searchable topics that act as entries to my blog feeding to my website.
  4. To share knowledge with others.
  5. To build website traffic.
  6. To keep my website visitors on my website longer.
  7. Identify areas of strong interest with my readers which may be good avenues for new white papers and services.
  8. Create interactive conversation with visitors.
  9. To learn something new every day in my field.
  10. To highlight websites, blogs, software, and tips that I feel are helpful to others and are beneficial.

So why do you blog? Just click comments and let me know.