MySpace Vs Facebook

MySpace is a favorite for most high school kids. I was there once but now that I am in college I seem to use MySpace less and less and spend most of my time on Facebook. I used to like MySpace because you could have a fancy background and put your favorite songs on your page.

As I have come to see, it is MySpace that’s struggling to keep up with Facebook, especially in the games and application department. Facebook has always had games and cool features, but when I first made an account on Facebook back in the 11th grade I found it to be more complicated and confusing and stuck with Myspace. But I could only notice that less and less of my friends were using MySpace and had all moved to Facebook. So I made the move as well.

Once I got used to Facebook I noticed all the great features that MySpace was lacking such as, the easy to use chat window and the ability to tag photos of friends. MySpace has tagging photos available now, but it doesn’t matter I never use MySpace.

Also Facebook had entertaining little games you could play like Mob Wars and Speed Racing. When I made the move to Facebook I found so many more people I knew because they were older and didn’t use MySpace. All the kids I knew that went off to college were on there. Adults like family members were on Facebook as well.

I think my favorite tool on Facebook is the networking tool I used it to join my college network and it helps me find people I know that also attend my school. And now you can put your favorite songs on Facebook just like MySpace, so it is all around better in my eyes.