A Commercial Moment For Girl Scout Cookies

Well it’s that time of year again; Girl Scouts are out and about selling their cookies. I have personal experience with this because my sisters are in the Girl Scouts and they have a goal.

They each want to sell something like 120 boxes of cookies and we only have so many neighbors. I think it’s silly to try to win a prize like what they want. They have both selected a junky little bag with some brushes and a stuffed elephant! That’s a lot of work for a tooky toy.

But, then I learned the true reason why the girls sell the cookies, it turns out that all the money doesn’t just go to the troop. The troop only gets 50 cents per box and the rest goes to the Girl Scout Council to help poor girls that can’t afford to be in Girl Scouts. The money raised from cookies allows them to join and be part of a group and stay active.

My sisters and the rest of the Girl Scouts all work very hard at selling these cookies, and my Mom is pressuring me to buy some to help them out. This isn’t a big deal to me because I love Girl Scout cookies, and I think you do too. So, when a little girl comes to your door asking if you would like to buy some cookies, keep in mind the girls that they help.

Now, to the top selling cookies on the Girl Scout cookie list. (TOP 5)
1.  Thin Mints
2.  Samoas
3.  Do-Si-Dos
4.  Trefoils
5.  Lemons

What is my personal favorite? I love the lemons!