Great Blog Writing on a Tough Topic

One of our writers has taken on a tough topic and has turned lemons into lemonade with it. The website is a sell your silver to us site. The blog is all about selling your silver, silver trivia, and silver tips. Well, at least that’s what we’ve made it.

I have to say as a blogger and managing eight writers with nearly 100 blog posts a week on a wide variety of blogs this blog stands out. We’ve had several writers on this blog previously and the writers seem to tire of the topic quickly or run out of items to blog about, but not this writer. In fact, I personally even look forward to reading his posts myself.

On tough topics, ones that there simply is not enough to say, or ones that you feel like you have beaten to death, sometime a fresh perspective makes all the difference. What this writer has done has been to create interesting stories on silver and silver related topics weaving in keyword density in a very smart way and ending the post with a push back to the website to actually sell your silver there.

Here are just a few of the topics this writer has written on recently:

  1. Tale of King Dog Silver
  2. Silver Greek Phoenix
  3. The World’s Largest Silver Coin
  4. The 7th China International Silver Conference

You can review the full blog at Silver for Cash. So if you have a dry topic, one that needs a special touch, contact me and I will see if this writer can work his magic for you too!