AdWords Beta Interface Broken But Has Possibilities

I am so sick of beta applications being released that really should still be in the developer’s sand box and the Google AdWords new beta interface is one of them.

I have to say that the new interface has tremendous new conveniences for power uses such as myself, but will terrorize do-it-yourself account managers as it is overwhelmingly complicated. For me, as a professional account manager, the ease of use and ability to customize the interface, as well as the ability to make changes all on one page is very welcome.

But the problem with the screen size and horizontal scroll bars is a real deal breaker for the new beta. Who wants to have to scroll to the right and then back and forth? Hey, you can get a repetitive stress injury doing this! Man, I just don’t want to be out for carpel tunnel syndrome surgery in the near future because of the AdWords beta.

AdWords says that the new interface has been designed for 1024 resolution screens, but it is not. I run a 1280 resolution (width) and I have about 4 inches of scroll bar on my screen. This is a HUGE problem. Please AdWords resolving this issue should be fast tracked so more people can use the interface.

So if you’re thinking of trying out the AdWords beta interface, if you don’t have a 1600 resolution screen size don’t get it. Thank goodness they have a revert back to the old interface button for now. So for real power users the beta is a “don’t go there” choice.