Solving the Conversion Problem

Darren at CopyBlogger has it right when it comes to solving the conversion problem look at your own website to make sure that you address each of these issues:

Trustworthiness, transparency, credible authority, lots of high-value content, and just plain old decency are your best weapons.

Everything on your site needs to show that you can be trusted. Real contact information. Showing your photograph. Displaying seals for anti-hacker technology and the Better Business Bureau on your shopping cart. FAQs that actually answer questions. Clear, reassuring calls to action.

My personal combination for success is transparency. On my own business website, we post our pricing, service details and options without fear of competition stealing our thunder. There is no hidden agenda. You will get from us exactly what we spell out on our website and more.

So if you are having trouble with conversions on your own website now’s the time to take a careful look. Have you put a human face on your business? So many people are shy about posting their photograph, but not everyone looks like a movie star! Have you tried to answer questions and objections in a forthright way that you have heard over and over from customers? Do you post your prices?

If you are having moving clients into the final purchase, now’s the time to review and make changes with these specifics in mind.