Blogging on Toilets? Really?

Okay did you think you would ever read a blog on toilets or dual flushing kits? Well all types of businesses want and need blogs. With a great blog writer, you can take a difficult topic or product and create interesting content that will funnel readers into your website to find out more about your products.

Here’s a great example from another of our blog writers who has done just that – taken a dry or difficult topic and had some fun with it and made the blog interesting reading. You can view the blog at Dual Flush by SelectAFlush.

This writer has taken a perspective that the client’s product is something that every water conscious customer should install at home in their toilet. She has blogged on a variety of topics such as:

  1. Celebs’ Climb to Focus Attention on Water Crisis
  2. Where Does Your Trash Go?
  3. Water Woes Batter South Florida
  4. How Easy Is It to Install SelectAFlush Toilet Retrofit Kits?

Although this blog may not be one that is up on your watch daily list, it is an excellent example of how business of all types and sorts are using blogging to drive traffic to their website with unique, interesting, and well written content. If your business is like SelectAFlush, now may be the time for you to contact me to check this writer availability to write for your topic too.  With eight blog writers writing for McCord Web Services clients, we are sure to have a writer who is a good match for your needs too!